About Dr. G. Blair Lamb

Journey to Rehabilitation & a Higher Quality of Life

Dr. G. Blair Lamb’s venture into the world of rehabilitative pain medicine is deeply personal. After enduring a series of accidents that led to profound pain and a loss of function in his spine and limbs, he encountered the limitations of current medical management. This personal struggle ignited his passion for the field and motivated him to explore innovative solutions, ultimately leading to his transformative recovery and that of thousands of patients.

Decades of Dedication and Expertise

With over 30 years in the medical profession and 75,000 hours dedicated to patient care, Dr. Lamb’s experience is unparalleled. His journey spanning three decades has solidified his reputation as a leading figure in the field, particularly as a pioneer in Neuromyofascial Science.

Pioneering Work in Spinal Recovery

Dr. Lamb has made significant contributions to the field with his innovative medical patents and advanced proprietary neuromyofascial protocols. He introduced the use of botulinum toxins, such as BOTOX®, Xeomin, and Dysport, for spinal recovery in conditions like disk herniation, spinal stenosis, and related ailments. These patents also encompass the application of growth hormone products and platelet-derived growth factors, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), for spinal remodeling and repair.

Innovation at the Forefront

Dr. Lamb’s commitment to leveraging the latest technology is evident in his endeavors. He is actively involved in research & development with portable red laser technology, and is pioneering the use of frequency patch technology. He’s also in the process of developing an AI diagnostic tool tailored for corporate clients, aiming to revolutionize how businesses address employee well-being. Additionally, he is conducting R&D on 3-4 revolutionary products currently in the early testing phases. Visitors to the website can look forward to a range of digital courses and materials, while also offering educational resources, like online video, podcast + short form video.

The Lamb Program: A Self-Guided Path to Recovery

Hundreds of patients have found relief under Dr. Lamb’s care, especially through the Lamb Program. This comprehensive regimen includes stretches, exercises, maneuvers, postures, and sleep positions tailored for self-monitored recovery across a wide range of pain conditions.

A Legacy of Innovation & Leadership

Beyond his clinical work, Dr. Lamb is at the helm of the Pain Reliever Corporation, dedicated to pain relief research and product development. He’s also a co-inventor of a patented medical services technology system designed to deliver enhanced healthcare to Canadians. His continuous research and the development of proprietary treatment protocols signify a relentless pursuit of excellence in pain management. Dr. Lamb’s advocacy extends to expanding the understanding of neuromyofascial science to governments and groups, ensuring his protocols can be shared to impact the most people possible.

Patents & Global Recognition

Dr. Lamb’s pioneering methods, especially with BOTOX™ and related products for pain treatment, have earned him patents in countries like the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. With ongoing research, additional patents pending, and his ever-evolving treatment protocols, Dr. Lamb is a global authority in his field.


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