Welcome to the World of Neuromyofascial Science

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I’m Dr. G. Blair Lamb, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to a realm that has been my passion and dedication for over three decades – Neuromyofascial Science. This field has unveiled profound insights into chronic pain, neurological issues, and muscular diseases. I’ve dedicated my life to understanding these complex conditions and finding innovative solutions through the lens of Neuromyofascial Science.

My journey has been enriched by the stories and experiences of thousands of patients. As we delve deeper into this realm, I’m committed to sharing this knowledge, ensuring it’s accessible to all and enlightening those seeking answers.

Decoding Neuromyofascial Science by Dr. Lamb

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    In the bustling corridors of modern life, amidst our daily chores and responsibilities, a simple jaw click or facial numbness might not seem like cause for concern. Yet, as the saying goes, big things often have small beginnings. That innocuous jaw click could be your body’s early warning system, hinting at underlying complexities that could […]

    Introduction In my over 30 years of medical practice, I’ve come to gain a deep understanding of tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis. What many dismiss as a simple inconvenience following physical activity is, upon closer examination, a condition of surprising complexity. Tennis elbow, often relegated to the sidelines of musculoskeletal disorders, demands a more profound […]

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