Changing Lives by Understanding Preventing and Treating Chronic Pain

The Lamb Pain Clinic

The Lamb Clinics


with more than 20 years experience in Spinal Interventional care have offered new hope and treatment strategies that fit the particular condition and goals of each patient.

Dedicated to the principle that the best results come from a commitment to work together, The Lamb Clinics believe very strongly in education.

Patients are encouraged to explore their condition to make informed choices that will help them achieve long-term results.

Dr. Blair Lamb has practiced in the field of rehabilitative medicine for 25 years, using both non-interventional and interventional methods and modalities that facilitate the rehabilitation of most acute and chronic regional and global pain conditions. He has multiple patents in spinal rehabilitation treatment, opiate side effect medication, opiate overuse medication, opiate withdrawal devices, trigger point dissolution medication, shock wave treatment, and has created advanced specific treatment protocols for complex conditions such FMS, post-concussion syndrome, TMJ, RSI, RSD, dystonia, migraine headache and more.


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