Changing Lives by Understanding Preventing and Treating Chronic Pain

Recommended Resources


Dr. G. Blair Lamb, M.D. recommends that you get the following items as part of an over-all health strategy. Many of the issues covered in these recommended resources will assist those with pain conditions. Do not forget to visit Dr. Lamb’s website on pain conditions

Grant D. Fairley is one of the most effective people in sharing about having a perspective on life and improving our relationships. He is an executive coach working with leaders in business, government, education and the community. He is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. I would highly recommend that anyone with chronic pain check out his books for your encouragement. His seminars will help you with the relational components of your life.

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  • Positive Influence - How to Lead Your World -Cover 3
  • Own Your Future Front Cover 1-7-13

Women’s Health – Hormones play a huge role in chronic pain issues for women. This is especially true for women over 30.

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Dr. Larry Komer and his wife Joan have been doing seminars on Menopause and Self-Esteem. Their DVDs are especially helpful and interesting. His new understanding of Bio-identical Hormones will be a great help for any women considering hormone replacement therapies and the new natural alternatives now available.

Men’s Health – Many of the pain conditions facing men are associated with aging and hormone issues.

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The Masters Men’s Clinic is an excellent resource on men’s health and especially Andropause – the men’s equivalent of women’s menopause. Every man over 40 should get up to speed on this topic. The clinic now has an online survey that is helpful in measuring the effects of aging and the risks of depression. You can also book a phone consultation. Well worth it.

Pharmacy – The pharmacy and the pharmacist are among the most under-used and yet valuable resources for people with pain conditions. In a one-of-a-kind presentation,

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York Downs Pharmacist David Garshowitz presents how your pharmacy can help you. He also discusses The Seven Vitalities of Life that gives perspective on our life and values. This is a key resource for people who use chronic pain medication, supplements and compounded medications.