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Dr. Lamb's Comment Policy

Your insights and feedback are invaluable. The comments section on our site is designed to foster knowledge expansion, facilitate thoughtful discussion, and derive insights from our esteemed readers.

While praise can be uplifting, constructive criticism and informed skepticism often lead to the most profound learnings.

Effective critical thinking requires both tact and rigor. While there are numerous fallacies we could outline, a guiding principle is to challenge ideas, not individuals. Seek to identify the gaps in a hypothesis rather than the perceived flaws in a commenter. Let’s maintain a respectful and civil discourse, reserving adversarial tactics for fictional television dramas.

Thank you for enriching our community.

Comment Policy Guidelines We wholeheartedly welcome and encourage comments on this platform. However, to maintain the integrity and quality of discussions, there are certain scenarios where comments may be modified or removed:

  • Spam & Promotions: Comments perceived as spam or purely promotional will be deleted. While linking to relevant content is acceptable, the comment itself should pertain directly to the post’s topic.
  • Profanity: Comments containing unnecessary or excessive profanity will be removed.
  • Offensive Content: Any comment that includes language or concepts that could be considered offensive, including but not limited to abusive, threatening, pornographic, or misleading language, will be deleted.
  • Personal Attacks: Direct attacks or ad hominem arguments against any individual will result in the comment’s deletion.
  • Harassment: Respect is paramount. Comments that harass or belittle other contributors will be removed.
  • Anonymity: To foster genuine interactions, we only accept comments from individuals who provide identifiable information. Anonymous comments will be deleted.
  • Medical Advice Queries: Please note that comments seeking medical advice will not receive responses. Dr. Lamb cannot provide medical consultations or guidance over the internet due to legal constraints.

The administrator of this platform reserves the right to modify or remove any comment without prior notification. This comment policy is adaptable and may evolve over time.

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